Friday, May 27, 2011


Not many students today so not too much going on for May 21. 

PowerPoint wrapped up midterm presentations. I was assisting other classes so was unable to watch. I did hear some pleasant music playing so I assume things went well with Tegrity. Also, students successfully created their accounts. 

Only one excel student, but no questions there.

One student was having a difficult time with an assigned exercise so was given the option to substitute it. The directions were a bit unclear to both of us, so we did I ended up doing the assignment so we could compare. We created a table to record information, and then modified a certificate template to match the fields in the table. 

Additionally, some students were choosing to paste their print screen into Paint. It was pretty much open lab for work. I proofread an essay for an English 100 student. I was unfamiliar with the topic so wasn't able to give much feedback- just grammar and sentence structure. Another student was working on Business Desktop Management- setting internet options, cookies, security, etc. 

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