Friday, May 13, 2011


Questions and concerns covered on 05/07 are below:

One of the students in the Word class likes to do the Chapter Review before she begins the Chapter. She does them and we go over them together before she dives in- usually matching the term with its definition runs pretty smoothly, but Chapter 4 was a bit tricky. We ran into a few terms we had to look up and became quite familiar with the glossary.

Today I got to work with some PowerPoint students with finalizing their midterm projects. Next meet, the PowerPoint class will be presenting their midterm project on Elluminate Live! I am looking forward to joining in to observe and participate in the questions and comments part. Other issues students encountered were they couldn't find their pdf or template files after they've saved them. I explained that usually only files with the same extension will appear and be available to be selected- I showed a few them how to "select all files" to show all files in their folder.

Not too much happening with Excel. A student and I did however find that the order you modify the fill of a chart can alter the end result.
Additionally, we figured out that the MyITlab will sometimes lag on the older PCs and decided to try from the Mac computers in the lab. Most of us had never used a Mac before and were quite puzzled on how to turn them on, haha. After a full walk around the monitor we found the on switch. Another good day.

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