Friday, June 3, 2011


Many students were planning trips and told Yun ahead of time that they would be absent on 05/28/11. Yun and I decided since it was Memorial day weekend and only about 2 students were expected, that I could take the day off.

I used this time off to start on my final report. I gathered some images from clip art, created a chart to show my hours, and started to think about which MS programs I will be integrating into my final.

Looking forward to getting back into the classroom tomorrow. 

Friday, May 27, 2011


Not many students today so not too much going on for May 21. 

PowerPoint wrapped up midterm presentations. I was assisting other classes so was unable to watch. I did hear some pleasant music playing so I assume things went well with Tegrity. Also, students successfully created their accounts. 

Only one excel student, but no questions there.

One student was having a difficult time with an assigned exercise so was given the option to substitute it. The directions were a bit unclear to both of us, so we did I ended up doing the assignment so we could compare. We created a table to record information, and then modified a certificate template to match the fields in the table. 

Additionally, some students were choosing to paste their print screen into Paint. It was pretty much open lab for work. I proofread an essay for an English 100 student. I was unfamiliar with the topic so wasn't able to give much feedback- just grammar and sentence structure. Another student was working on Business Desktop Management- setting internet options, cookies, security, etc. 

Friday, May 20, 2011


Questions and concerns answered on 05/14 are below:

05/14 Excel students took their midterm exam so I didn't have any questions concerning Excel. 

PowerPoint presented their presentations on Elluminate Live! There were some technical issues that delayed the presentations, but after a few trial runs- things went well. One thing we figured out was the sound of presentations were non-existing through elluminate. I was with a Word student during the time students were getting logged in so was unable to participate, but watched on the overhead and took notes from my seat. 2 students presented- Nazzi chose to do her midterm on Iranian New year, and Navi chose to do his on Golden Retrievers. Both presentations were interesting and I came away w/ a few fun facts. The remaining 2 presentations will be done next week on Tegrity. Additionally, next week PowerPoint will be setting up accounts, and logging on to PowerPoint 2010 online.

Word went by well also. This week, working through chapter 5 with students, I learned a new feature- Building blocks organizer.

Friday, May 13, 2011


Questions and concerns covered on 05/07 are below:

One of the students in the Word class likes to do the Chapter Review before she begins the Chapter. She does them and we go over them together before she dives in- usually matching the term with its definition runs pretty smoothly, but Chapter 4 was a bit tricky. We ran into a few terms we had to look up and became quite familiar with the glossary.

Today I got to work with some PowerPoint students with finalizing their midterm projects. Next meet, the PowerPoint class will be presenting their midterm project on Elluminate Live! I am looking forward to joining in to observe and participate in the questions and comments part. Other issues students encountered were they couldn't find their pdf or template files after they've saved them. I explained that usually only files with the same extension will appear and be available to be selected- I showed a few them how to "select all files" to show all files in their folder.

Not too much happening with Excel. A student and I did however find that the order you modify the fill of a chart can alter the end result.
Additionally, we figured out that the MyITlab will sometimes lag on the older PCs and decided to try from the Mac computers in the lab. Most of us had never used a Mac before and were quite puzzled on how to turn them on, haha. After a full walk around the monitor we found the on switch. Another good day.

Friday, May 6, 2011

04/23 and 04/30

My first two days working with Yun as a T.A. has been great. His cluster class of Excel, PowerPoint, and Word meets in the computer lab between 8am - 1:50pm.

So far, I've mainly been working with students- answering questions and helping them through assignments while Yun is lecturing. I usually walk around the class and peak over shoulders to see how everyone is doing. When I'm not helping students out, I'm sitting in front the room logging in questions I helped answer. Below are logs of the two days I've worked so far:

On my first day, there wasn't much for me to do until about 8:45/9:00 am, so Yun and I decided I would start at 8:30 from now on.

 I was a little nervous before I started, but saw some familiar faces and I've been enjoying being able to help other students, and overall been enjoying this project.

Friday, April 29, 2011