Friday, May 6, 2011

04/23 and 04/30

My first two days working with Yun as a T.A. has been great. His cluster class of Excel, PowerPoint, and Word meets in the computer lab between 8am - 1:50pm.

So far, I've mainly been working with students- answering questions and helping them through assignments while Yun is lecturing. I usually walk around the class and peak over shoulders to see how everyone is doing. When I'm not helping students out, I'm sitting in front the room logging in questions I helped answer. Below are logs of the two days I've worked so far:

On my first day, there wasn't much for me to do until about 8:45/9:00 am, so Yun and I decided I would start at 8:30 from now on.

 I was a little nervous before I started, but saw some familiar faces and I've been enjoying being able to help other students, and overall been enjoying this project.

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  1. Wow I LOVE this - you've done a wonderful job!