Friday, May 20, 2011


Questions and concerns answered on 05/14 are below:

05/14 Excel students took their midterm exam so I didn't have any questions concerning Excel. 

PowerPoint presented their presentations on Elluminate Live! There were some technical issues that delayed the presentations, but after a few trial runs- things went well. One thing we figured out was the sound of presentations were non-existing through elluminate. I was with a Word student during the time students were getting logged in so was unable to participate, but watched on the overhead and took notes from my seat. 2 students presented- Nazzi chose to do her midterm on Iranian New year, and Navi chose to do his on Golden Retrievers. Both presentations were interesting and I came away w/ a few fun facts. The remaining 2 presentations will be done next week on Tegrity. Additionally, next week PowerPoint will be setting up accounts, and logging on to PowerPoint 2010 online.

Word went by well also. This week, working through chapter 5 with students, I learned a new feature- Building blocks organizer.

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